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 Jessica (genetic girl)  


 A little background on my site:

I originally started my website as a free site and then about 9-10 months
later I turned it into a paysite. It has evolved a lot since I first
started. Initially I didn't really have a focus or niche, I just enjoyed
dressing up and taking photos. But all that changed once I started
collecting vintage lingerie.

When I tried on my first pair of Full Fashioned nylons--I was hooked! I
started wearing them more often and eventually looked for some other types
of vintage lingerie. Next I started collecting slips, then nightgowns,
then petticoats and it just kind of snowballed! I wasn't sure that my
Members would share my passion for pretty under things from the past, but
I was very pleased to find out that they did! :)

Something that really appealed to me about vintage lingerie is that it
really accents a woman's femininity. The soft nylon slips, sheer peignoir
sets, black lace Merry Widow's, the long sweeping nightgowns and of course
the seamed nylon stockings! Having the body wrapped up in such sensual
items just makes it that more enticing!

Living in the day and age that we do, it seems that so very little is left
to the imagination anymore. The mystery, the tease, the anticipation, it's
just not there. I try to recapture a little bit of that with my photo sets
and videos on my site.

Click on Jessica’s portrait below to go to her website or click on her site banner..