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 Abigail Page  


Being invited to be a cover-girl is an amazing honour, but I feel like a bit of a fraud in the company of so many beautiful and confident girls, partly because just now I don’t have an active girly life. For the moment I have to content myself with posting some of the thousands of pictures I took when I was single and had too much time and money on my hands (wistful sigh). That time may come again….

As far back as I can remember I liked to play dress-up with the ‘wrong’ clothes and the feel of nylon. A couple of female roles for school plays re-awakened my early urges at a critical teenage stage and before long I was trying on all the clothes that would fit me in my mother’s and sister’s drawers and cupboards whenever the opportunity arose.

At university, a bit more privacy allowed me to play with make-up, wigs and start to take a few midnight walks on the quieter streets. Eight years in university education later, a proper job meant more money and my own house. Whooppee! No stopping me now, especially with digital cameras becoming the weapon of choice. I had a mad few years of amassing a huge wardrobe and taking more photos than I could store on my late nineties PC. Sadly, I didn’t make enough effort in getting out and meeting other local tgirls. I did enjoy a couple of visits to The WayOut Club with a tgirl I met on line. Sooo glad I have those memories.


In the last couple of years, I bought a house with my girlfriend. She doesn’t know about Abigail, so the vast wardrobe had to be pared down considerably (the local charity shops didn’t know what hit them!) and is now residing in the attic, waiting for the right time to emerge.

Thank you for reading, and remember – have fun!

Love, Abigail. x

Click on Abigail’s portrait below to go to her Flickr page.