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 Alexandra MacGregor  


I am who I am and if you have a problem with that it's your problem, deal with it!”  Alexandra MacGregor, 2008.

Every tale has a beginning middle and an end as my English teacher used to say.

So, the beginning:  Born in SE England just as everything went decimal but most defintely Scottish to the core (despite the strongest London accent ever!).  Not much happened really so let's jump to the middle.

Teenage angst and confusion then a fancy dress party.  My GF at the time suggested I went as her and she as me.  Guess what?  I looked great in a skirt and heels, also caused lots of soul searching - is this normal? am I gay? why can't I wear a denim skirt?  

Finally accepted myself and who I am about 10 years ago.  Came out to my GF and she wasn't totally freaked out, which was a relief, and after a few weeks she decided she wanted to see what it was all about.


"You look better in a skirt than most women you know and walk better in heels than me" was her response.  “And damn you have great legs, bitch!”

Few problems along the way but she is now my wife and she accepts this side of me. She doesn't do the seeing or going out thing but she's cool with the shaved legs, armpits and the fact I take longer in the shower than she does!!  My side of the wardrobe has more skirts and heels than hers and she hates the fact I can pick something off the rail and it fits perfectly.  Life's a bitch, then you marry him!!  Steals my makeup from time to time so she doesn't dislike all of it obviously.

Spent 4 years living in France which was a real blossoming period and when I realised that I could go out in public and be accepted as the woman I am.  You know you succeeded in that when a teenage boy holds the door and says "after you Ma'am", what a buzz!  In all honesty the vast majority of people either don't notice, don't care or if they do notice are probaby thinking “so what, their life” or “damn I wish that was me!”

Since then life and work have taken me many places and I've grown into my skin.  These days Alex is as happy in her jeans and shirts as in his skirts and 5 inch high heels.  Yes I'd still leap at the chance of a girls night out strutting my stuff but right now I'm just happy to be me.  I know today that Alex is who I am, regardless of which ending you put to the name.  I don't change personality or behaviour just because I have a skirt on.  Oddly Alexandra is more left handed than Alexander and I've ended up 60/40 ambidextrous, proof if ever that I am a truly balanced individual.

The end? That's still a loooooonnnnnggggggggg way off but if they don't bury me with my favourite LBD and heels I'll haunt them forever!!

Love and hugs


Click on Alexandra’s portrait below to go to her Flickr page.