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Hi......I'm Aly!

Before I go any further, I must say thank you to Rachel for inviting me here.

I'm just a normal (kinda shy) boy, who likes to dress as a girl from time to time....what could be more normal than that....?

I'm a very easy going person, who likes to show off a bit, I guess....& have fun along the way.

I started dressing around 2002....I'm still not sure why....or indeed, what I'm hoping to achieve. I just know that I'm hooked....that Aly's my drug of choice & I can't imagine my life without her!

For me, the best thing about this silly 'hobby' is the wonderful people I've met along the way....a few in person, but mostly on-line. So many girls have been supportive & generous in their praise....I can't understand why (there are so many kind hearted people out there who really do need to get their eyes tested!), but I'm grateful all the same!

One or two have given me an occasional, well intentioned nudge (just what a shy girl needs!) in the right direction & I hope to take Aly out into the big (scary) wide world in 2011.

I'm always pleased to make new friends, so if you like what you see & would like to get to know me, put on your pretty blue eyelids, pucker up your pretty pink lips, stop by & say hello.....I promise I won't bite!

Aly xxx

Click on Alyson’s portrait below to go to her Flickr page.