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 Amanda Jane Carter  


I'm a 50 something tgirl, from the UK (Liverpool). Been dressing up for many years, since 20s I think and my ex wife didn't mind so much but we went our separate ways in the end. I learned a lot from her in terms of makeup and dress sense and taste. She was definitely a major influence on Mandy. 

Mandy has had several looks, different hairstyles (dozens of wigs tried), many different colours (but the dark highlighted blonde is the one that suits I feel), but what you see now is the one she loves and feels so comfortable with. There is so much to learn about what real women go through in terms of image, dressing, skincare, body and so on. What looks sexy, like short skirts, skimpy dresses and high heels, is not always comfy or practical. Though I have a sexy raunchy side to me, the real Mandy I am most at one with is the more conservative, classic dresser in a blouse and pencil skirt for example or a nice long evening gown.

Having been a white collar worker for so long, longer than I care to remember actually, I love the office-girl / secretarial look, also lingerie, oh how I love lingerie, especially lace. I have so much of it, I've almost ran out of space to store it all but can't bear to let any of it go. 

Like many tgirls, I do like to flirt in front of the camera. It's wonderful when the girl inside has a chance to come out and shine. Mandy has a busy summer planned, of dressing and dancing, but much watch those cakes and her tipples of vino to keep that figure in check. There was a nasty shock after all the Christmas cheer. Too many mince pies from Santa and those dresses did not fit her the way she wanted them too (smiles). A Spring Weightwatchers campaign followed and proved fruitful.

So what next for Mandy? Just to keep enjoying life to the maximum whenever she can, in between work and family commitments of course! All work and no play would make Mandy a very dull girl indeed.

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Lingerie-Amanda Jane Carter