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 Amanda Parnell  


Hi. I’m Amanda – at least occasionally I am!


I’m a scientist by profession (I’m actually entitled to Dr Amanda), and also a semi-pro musician and teacher.

I don’t get to be Amanda all that often, but probably often enough. I’m not “out” to anyone except my wonderful wife. She knows about Amanda, but has never met her and has no desire to. I’m pretty sure she knows I dress when she’s away, but she is content to let it lie.

As Amanda I want to look as feminine as possible. That means getting my figure right. Looking around on Flickr, my biggest disappointment is seeing girls who have the perfect face, nails, legs, hair, make-up, even cleavage – but no figure. I wanna see those waistline curves! – and to see them on myself, I’ll do whatever it takes, and that, for me, means a corset.

Sometimes, it’ll be part of the outfit – I find it an incredible turn-on to see a pretty, shapely girl made even more shapely in a well-fitting corset. Other times, it’ll be more discreetly worn underneath the rest of my outfit, maybe even beneath other underwear. But it’s there, doing the doing, and it feels good too. I need to keep in shape as well though – rolls of fat bulging out of the top and bottom of a corset are not attractive.

Make-up and hair are obviously important, too, and I’ve learned a few things about both over the years, mostly from the web.. There’s some useful info out there, so keep on surfing, girls.

Amanda was only put on the web recently. I figured all those pictures were just sitting on my computer doing nobody any good; why not put ‘em up and see what the response was? Well, the response has been amazing – thanks for all the nice comments and support, everyone. And thanks, too, Rachel, for inviting me to be a cover girl - definitely a first for me! This has given me the perfect excuse to buy some more clothes and take some more pictures!

Click on Amanda’s portrait below to go to her Flickr page.