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 Amber Lake  


My Femme Life
I am a weekday girl and go to mainstream bars, restaurants and hotels in county Herts in the evenings, although I occasionally go down to London for nights out in Soho or Covent Garden with friends. During the day I work, but as I share an office with a like-minded friend, I am dressed en femme throughout the day.

Dress Style
I started this journey due to my early love of skirts, but it is not until I have created the entire look that I feel complete these days. I love wearing the full range of female clothes which means skirts, trousers/jeggings, culottes and dresses. I try to avoid wearing the same style repetitively as it's the variety in styles that I so love about dressing. I don't dress unless I can complete the entire look in a way that allows me to go out and be confident in doing so. During the day while at work, I will frequently look for excuses to take a walk to the local shops. I'm finding that the more time I spend out, the more natural it feels.

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Amber-RedMiniSkirt.wmv AmberLake-2016-1a.wmv