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 Amy Pond  

Click on Amys portrait below to go to her Facebook page.


My name is Amelia Pond, but you can call me Amy! 

I live in Grand Rapids, Michigan, just west of Lake Michigan. I am 5´9" tall , married and in my late 50´s. 

I love dresses, high heels, and yes, I do like spicing up my outfits with colored tights from time to time! My favorite era is the 1950's, with the knee length dresses and petticoats underneath. Occasionally I take a step back in the fashion time line and show off my gorgeous 1950's outfits!

I do like mainstream fashion, so I have a large selection of A-line dresses, Skater dresses, Tea Dresses and Rompers in my room. I tend to be partial to floral designs and Mary Jane high heels!

I started dressing around 10 years old, and kept it to myself for many years. In early 2014, I decided I could no longer deny myself what I truly felt inside of me. I was fortunate to find a crossdresser group here in Grand Rapids that was just starting and it was such an important turning point for me. I met others who were like me, who liked to dress, and that made me feel so much better about myself, and the discovery that I was not alone!

From that point on, I have gone from shy, not wanting to go out, to being out as often as I want and own it! My empowerment has driven me to want to give back to the community. When I meet new girls in our group who want to get out and try to go to the mall, I help them take that walk. I show them it is not as terrible or embarrassing as they would think. By the time we finish walking the mall, and shopping in some stores, they realize that the only issue was with themselves, they were their own worst enemy!  

Through all of this, I have gone out and traveled to Atlanta, Harrisburg, Detroit, New Hope, PA., even going overseas to England, and other areas to meet all the friends I have met on-line. The other plus is making new friends too!

One last thing, about my name. I am a Whovian, that is, a Doctor Who fan. Amy Pond is the female companion of the 11th Doctor. Amy is a vibrant, empowered strong willed girl who dressed in skirts and would wear colored tights from time to time....sound familiar?