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 Anna Thorne

Click on Anna’s portrait below to go to her Flickr page.


   Hi, I am Anna. a long time (crossdresser). Ii really do not like that term and would probably class myself as a transvestite. In reality when in Anna mode, I like to think of myself as a woman. i have no inclination to make a permanent change in to woman hood and I do enjoy my other self. 

Looking back this probably started when I was in my late teens and the introduction of a TV show called Allo Allo. There were characters called Yvette carte-Blanche and Private Helga Geerhart who were just so sexy  they were every teenage boy's fantasy at the time and I was no different.  One day as a family my aunt came to stay and the family was taking part in a street carnival.  I was in a boring cowboy outfit and my aunt was dressed as Yvette and looked amazing.  After the carnival was over,  we went back home to change.  My aunt had left her uniform on the floor in the bathroom and my curiosity got the better of me and I tried it on...and that was it … I was doomed

So here we are many years later, and that wonderful feeling is still so intense that  I just can’t get enough...Over the years,  I have stayed in the closet only sharing this with my wife and largely keeping myself in check,  only dressing a few times a year...But that has now changed, the genie is out of the bottle and Anna is starting to spread her wings...slowly at first.  Concentrating on my look and I feel that I don't look too bad...I have even been out for the first time recently and that was such an exciting experience that I simply have to do more of it. I might even start to get out to some events soon...just need to improve my make-up skills a bit.

I am happy with my sense of style and try to go for a classy sexy look, and hopefully not trashy. I also love the secretary look that just feels so amazing. I know I will never pass in public, but hey ho, I am who I am and I am now starting to accept it 

I don't Know what the future hold for me, but I do know that Anna is going to be a part of it and it's going to be interesting 

Hope you like my pic's !!!