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 Annet Mulder  


  Hi, my name is Annet Mulder from the Netherlands.

I am 51 years old now, happily married for 23 years, three lovely children, 16, 18 and 20 years old. Medical profession. Nobody of all my friends and family now that I am a Tgirl!!

Since my 15th  year I feel my feminine side of me. I started with wearing female-clothing and when I got the time, do it with make-up and wigs that I bought. But only when there was nobody at home. Bought several times clothes, make many foto's (self-timer), and regrettably I all put them away, afraid of discovery!

I have put it away for sometimes, but it came stronger back!  The last years I visited 4 to 5 times a year a travesticlub. There are two lovely understanding ladies, with whom can talk, help you with clothing and make-up. You can talk there to the other guests and meet same feeling Tgirls. And the last year they make there professionally foto sessions!! with mostly very nice results (see my foto's).

In these modern days you can easily talk on internet to the persons you like and you can put all your foto's on one memorystick. So this gives much relief to me, and I like to talk to other Tgirls and also joined the contest of the month. Every vote on me gives me great confidence that  I am a real girl!!

I like to be dressed as feminine possible, bit sexy, bit naughty. I also like to dress with several wigs and outfits. When I have such a day at the club, I feel totally like a real woman and have energy for weeks!! I do it only a few times a year, but it is OK for me!

I think in the future I'll tell my family about my Tgirl-being, but now it is to early for that.

 But: upgrade information on 1 may 2008:

Something happens what I always was afraid of: I made some pictures of myself and my wife discovered them! A whole shock in the first place!

  Many questions, sadness, happiness, unbelief, but: very good talkings, more firm relation now, no more hidden secrets and   also relief that it came out (after all)

  Me and my wife are doing well now, talking a lot, She is accepting that I am (sometimes) a T-girl. She even likes some of my   foto’s.  The only thing is to have for all my marriage (22 years) not telling the truth, and keeping my secret to myself. She has   always trust me, so that was a shock and painful that it wasn’t !! But after all I think my relation is better now than before!

I see a lot of difference between the Tgirls; same desire but all sort of ways showing it.

I think there are a lot of girls like me, shy, uncertain and let nobody knows that you are a Tgirl. My advice: give it a good place in your life and enjoy it!! Life is short enough!

And when the time is ready ; tell to your dearest ...


Love you all!!  Annet

Click on Annet’s portrait below to go to her Flickr page.