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 Barbara Barbie  


Once upon a time there was a little boy, a cute boy, a feminine boy (a boy totally wrong).
He just loved to wear anything feminine when he had the chance...
So, many times he wore mom's clothes, of course.
And then, this boy discovered that he would prefer males... so he considered himself gay.

At 16 yo his boyfriend started to ask to wear feminine clothes more often... and since bf went very excited, he accomplished; but only in the closet of his room.
Not very comfortable... Just after his legal age, he started to live with bf, at his home… so he could wear feminine clothes all the time. In this way started the life of Barbara, the beautiful wife of Max (at least for the people). Well this is the start of my story, just to make it short, otherwise I guess it could be boring...

Just after I went to live with him, human nature made its course, revealing his strong dominant side, and my weaker submissive side. And that's how I started to become a living fetish, a trophy wife, or a doll wife, or in any other way you want to call it.

For the people we were a regular couple, and to reinforce this, he wanted that I started to feminize myself more... of course the easiest way was to go on HRT. Nothing new for you I guess, but I was a bit scared. The transformation on my body both terrified and amazed me!

I developed nice little tits, and I could look at them in the mirror for hours... Together with hormones, Max (my boyfriend) made me start to pump my breasts regularly, and my nipples too, since he love bigger nipples. Not always was comfortable, but now i can say my tits are more natural and a bit floppy just like a real woman.

So I started to live as a wife full time. Not everything was so easy at start. I had to get used to the idea that for people, I was now a woman and a wife. I needed to be always dressed properly, at home and of course at the supermarket too. I remember those first few times out, to go to the grocery store wearing a skirt or a dress. I was absolutely nervous.  It took a little while to get used to hear people calling me "Mrs."

In the meantime, Max started to expect I was always perfect. One of the first things he wanted, was that I did grow my hair a lot, and I held them always well kept, going to the hairdresser every week.
I loved going to the hairdresser. I was a woman among so many other women. Even though I was constantly terrified that some other woman could understand that I was not quite a woman.

In those years he started to develop one of his bigger fetish.... High heels. He Always asked me to wear them to go out, and sometimes even at home. I confess that, of course, I loved heels too but I wasn't just as good to walk with them. They just were tiring my feet after just an hour... even if, in those first years, they weren't too high. Later he started to choose and buy the shoes I had to wear... and it was ...well... different.

For our whole neighborhood, now we were a young couple, husband and wife. And I was enjoying the fact that I could always wear women's clothes more appropriate to be more pretty for him.
And he repaid me with so much attention, with lots of love, and of course with much sex that, as he said, it was among my duties as a perfect wife. Since he was invited to various events, there were many occasions where he could show off his sweet wife, and I'm sure he enjoyed every minute, because when we got home was always very excited and we made wild sex.

After some years he started to get more attention in my hair. Not only he wanted it very long, but even that I put much care, especially going to hairdresser once a week. This was another thing that reinforced my femininity. Going to a salon among all those women, it's always a big moment, and sometimes an exciting moment too.

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