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 Becky Storm  


The Early Years

Shall we start with the old jokes? Born at an early age etc...Okay so I was born in 1972 which makes me definitely the wrong side of 30...arghh! When did that happen...I think I must have been too drunk to notice :)

Grew up with a loving Mother and grandparents, aunties etc... oh but no Father. The git (nice word!) decided that family life wasn't for him and that he'd have an affair. Well needless to say that was not a great start in my life for male role models.

We lived with my grandparents for some years and all I can say is that I loved them dearly. They were everything a child could ever want in their grandparents, loving, kind, affectionate and attentive. They gave me all their love and I look back on them days with great affection.


The years passed and my Mother remarried; what a mistake that was! Anyway, thank god my mother had some sense and she left him. Bad male role model number 2! What hope did our young boy have? Well the years passed and my mother struggled to bring me up. Anyway, when I was about nine years old my Mother met another man who she would marry; she's still with him now 26 years later. I consider him my real Father. He brought me up, taught me right from wrong, struggled with my terrible case of teenagitis. I guess I never really appreciated him until I left home, shame really.  I guess I just couldn't get close to him back then. People say we are very much alike in sense of humour. We are both very dry and sarcastic which tended to cause trouble when we get together. We used to argue horrendously! But saying all that I love him dearly and now a days I think we understand each other so much more and get on very well. Well, I don't think he knows about this side of me, not sure if he would understand but there's no need for him to know.

Anyway, during this period I had a little brother. I love him very much. I also miss him even now because we live so far away. I still remember the first time I saw him and all the times I used to take him out walking when he was a baby. We played together for years and I remember holding him before he went to sleep and telling him stories and how to stop being afraid of the dark. They were good times :)

And So It Begins

So this is the juicy bit...well not that juicy. I was a teenager, thirteen years old, just started high school and not getting on at all with my just like every other teenage boy eh? Well I was until that one fateful night. It's strange but I can recall the start to my dressing. (How do you get that wiggly line effect down the screen? Scooby Doo here we come!)

(You know since originally writing this I've read so much about people knowing they were transgendered much younger, about 6 years old. It's strange but I just never had any idea back then. Didn't really see any difference between girls and boys back then. Just had friends!)

I had met a new friend when I started high school. We got on fantastically, best friends from day one. Well I was staying around his house one weekend, his parents were out till the early hours, his sister (lucky sod!!) out partying. Well we found some beer in the garage and just had to try some, then came more alcohol and then we got drunk but also bored and so decided to play cards. To spice it up we played for dares. Well one of the times I lost he dared me to wear some of his mothers underwear...I don't know where she bought them from but they were a little bit on the kinky side! Well they were to me, a thirteen year old boy.

The next time I lost I had to put on makeup. He did my makeup and did it really bad. Hmmm I wonder why he wanted me to do that, and why was he doing my makeup? Anyway, when I say it was bad it was, but not terrible, he definitely knew what things were for. Maybe his sister did him up as well? Well that's all that happened. I took it all off and a couple of hours later went to bed and that should have been all... it should have been.... but it wasn't!


Well a couple of weeks passed and I was in my house alone and bored and wondering what I could do. Needless to say I ended up wandering into my parents room. My mind wandered back to the card game and I thought "he was a bit crap with makeup...I wonder if I could do better!"

What a strange thought for me to have, but there it was and it wouldn't go away, so I delved in. Okay at this point I would like to say, it is not easy to do makeup and I then went on to prove that. What a mess, I needed practice, and boy did I get it. All these years later and I'm not that bad at it.

Note:  There is much more about Becky ... Just go to her website !

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