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 Belinda Elliot  


I am an Australian crossdresser, aged 48.

At around age 7 I became interested in girls’ clothing, having two sisters who did ballet and as a family we attended their concerts. I recall wanting to wear a tutu, stockings and have make up and wear a wig. Alas, this was only just a fantasy.

Many years later I developed a love of bridal gowns and used to notice them for sale in thrift shops and I thought of buying one, but never got around to it. As the years flew by, I got more interested in girlie things such as lacy sissy panties, sissy maid dresses, stockings and period costume like southern belle gowns and Victorian bustle gowns.

I found a lady near me advertising for makeovers for TGirls and Ii wanted to go visit and have pictures taken of me in a wedding gown. I started looking online for a second hand gown in my size and quickly found one I really liked. Initially, I was very nervous about contacting the owner and saying I wanted to try on the gown and maybe purchase it. I called her on the phone and she agreed to letting me see and try on the dress. It fit me perfect and I could not resist purchasing it, so I did.

I then made an appointment for my makeover and photoshoot. I was quite nervous in attending this, but the lady who does makeovers made me feel very welcome and did a great job with my makeup and taking a number of photos. I could not believe how good I looked and most of all I felt very good about it.

For me Bridal gowns are my main interest in this area and I have collected around 6 that I obtained very cheaply.  I just love the whole wedding thing. Perhaps one day I could do a wedding photoshoot in all of my gowns at a wedding venue complete with bridal party, groom, wedding car etc?

Click on Belinda’s portrait below to go to her Flickr page.