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This is my bio and gallery page. I hope you will scroll down to my bio to learn a bit about me!

The quick "stats" ...

Thanks so much for stopping in to learn a bit more about me! My chosen name is Rachel Williston. I am a TGirl currently living in the United States. You could also refer to me as a transvestite, but I prefer TGirl.

Tgirl ... it took me so very long to admit to myself that I am a Tgirl. Well ... I am a Tgirl. There, I said it! Society still does not generally accept Tgirls, so its a little scary I guess that I am one!

How did this whole TGirl thing start for me? If you look at other TGirl websites around (and there are literally thousands of them!), stories are very similar. My beginnings were around age 11. I found myself having an attraction to girls' clothing. This started with lingerie. Pre-teen, I loved looking through the Sears catalogs that would come in the mail and the bras, panties, and slips displayed. Those were the days ... when coordinated lingerie in so many different colors was available!

When I was 14 my story takes a turn. One that would affect me for the rest of my life. I had such an attraction to nylon panties that I just had to experience slipping a pair of nylon panties on. Strange for a 14 year old boy, but I just really had to wear a pair of panties. Lucky for me, I had an older sister who wore about the same size lingerie as me. I found from looking in her lingerie drawer that she had a lovely assortment of nylon panties, lacy nylon panties, and even lacy nylon panty slips (remember those?). One day when she was not home, I went into her room and selected a chocolate brown lacy nylon half slip and matching panties and scurried back to my room. I then slowly slipped on her nylon panties. That's right, I was now wearing my sister's panties! It sounds really strange to me now, but it was something I just had to do back then. I could not control myself. I then put on her nylon half slip.  Below are pictures from an old Sears catalog that show the panties and half slip I was wearing. Also below is what my sister’s panty slip looked like, which I also totally enjoyed wearing! A beautiful lacy half slip with attached nylon panties … such a dream to wear!

So there I was, a 14 year old boy wearing my sister's nylon half slip and panties! Yes, it was exciting. It also started me on a path of realizing that I was different from other boys ... I was part girl !

From this beginning with a fascination for lingerie, I began to wear skirts and dresses. Before that could come about, I felt that I had to

begin wearing a bra. Kind of embarrassing for a teenage boy to go to a store and buy a bra but I summoned courage and did it! My

later teenage years were all about being fully dressed, including a wig and slowly getting the hang of make up (I still need help on

that :) ). I had gone from a focus on panties and lingerie to really feeling like a girl on the inside and trying to dress the part on the


The next couple of decades involved dressing and sometimes purging my feminine wardrobe. There was still a lot of guilt I felt about

feeling that I was a girl and dressing the part. I felt that I was not supposed to do this. I was born male after all. Society didn't approve

of crossdressing or guys feeling that they were actually girls inside. Most Tgirls have gone through a purging stage ... looking

back, its a bit stupid and definitely expensive! During my 30’s, I realized that I WAS part girl. I needed to be a girl at least part time.

In 2001, I discovered how many girls there are like me ... the internet! I began feeling much  more comfortable about being me, feeling like I really was a girl. I began taking photos of me as a girl and started up my very own little 'ol website ("") . From there, I dressed as a girl as much as time allowed. I started trying to help other Tgirls understand themselves. We ARE normal you know! I started the Pretty Tgirls Group on Yahoo with the help of a genetic girl (gg) Laurie Ann. I later started up Pretty Tgirls Magazine, which was a true labor of love for me. There was so much help from others and so much involvement ... truly a great experience!

Being so visible on the internet was, at first, a bit scary. My fears were really unfounded, as I made so many great friends and have

been lucky not to have too many undesirable types after me (phew!). I have not had the time to go to the many TG conferences around due to work (I gotta pay for my dresses somehow!). I do hope to go to some in the future though.

My fist time out as a girl:  ts a scary thing at first, but one of the best and most liberating experiences! My first time out as Rachel was in 2002 I think. I was in a hotel room dressed in a black top with gold hearts and a red pencil skirt. I had long brown hair and was all made up. I touched the door knob to leave the room many times and let go. I finally mustered up the courage and left the hotel room and ventured into the hallway, praying that no one would see me but at the same time, hoping someone would. I took the elevator down to the lobby. It was late-ish at night and there was a couple entering the elevator as I was getting out, but they said nothing to me and had no reaction (phew!). I walked to my car and around the parking lot for a bit, then returned to my hotel room. That was the first time and it felt so very wonderful ! Here is a photo of me in the lobby in 2002!!!

I'll share another quick story of being out as Rachel. I was wearing the same red pencil skirt with a sweater top. My camera ran out of batteries while I was on a trip and staying at a hotel. I wanted to take more photos of me enjoying being Rachel, so I decided to go out fully dressed to get some new batteries. I decided on a Target store nearby. I hopped in my car, which by then I had gotten comfortable with doing. I had never gone beyond driving around as Rachel or walking in a parking lot. Was I nervous!

I got out of my car and looked around to see if there a lot of people walking in or out of the store. Not really, I deemed my venture as safe. I walked to the entrance and walked inside watching the door close behind me. I was so incredibly nervous, but at the same time so excited to be out as Rachel shopping! I walked around the store, found the batteries and did exchange glances of a couple of girls while I was making my way to the cashier. Here I was all dressed in lingerie, stockings, high heels, long hair, a skirt, earrings, and make up. The cashier was a late-teens guy. He asked me if I found everything I was looking for. Wow, now what do I do? I responded to him in the softest, most feminine voice I could muster and he looked right into my eyes and said "great". That was it, I had made it through my really first public venture out.

I am happy as a girl. I consider myself a straight Tgirl who still is attracted to genetic girls. I do find other Tgirls attractive and have actually kissed a couple of other Tgirls. Kinda strange, huh? Not really. Most of us ARE part girl after all. We tend to wear skirts and dresses much more often than genetic girls seem to these days and have to tend to our hair and make up at all times. Finding a gg that

accepts a Tgirl is very tough, but I don't have to tell you that I guess. They are out there. Things are changing for us Tgirls. Younger gg's seem to be more accepting, so there is definitely hope for Tgirls. Society is still lagging behind though. You can still find television shows that portray us in a joking kind of way ... too bad for them and anyone who laughs. We are, as a whole, very kind, sensitive, and open girls who are some of the best nonjudgmental people around!

My hope is that every society will gain acceptance of Tgirls someday so we can be ourselves with no fear or regret. If I have helped even in a tiny way towards this, great! So, that is a brief story of Rachel ... hope you enjoyed it!  The important thing to remember about this is that us TGirls ARE part girl and that it is truly pointless to try to deny our feminine feelings. Being a girl can be denied for a time, but cannot be denied forever. It is not an illness, not a sexual deviation, and not something to be cured. It can certainly be difficult being a TGirl, but it is so very much fun too being yourself!

Be happy! Love from Rachel

A gg (genetic girl) friend of mine created a slideshow of various pics of me wearing different skirts. She calls it "Rachel's Trademark." For a while (ok, a long while), I took pics where one could see my panties a bit. I struggled a bit as to where I should put this ... here or on my lingerie page. I decided here was ok. You will see some pics with a reference to "Rachel Pastel" which is my previous last name is all. Well, click here > >                       if you dare to see these!

Access to my personal galleries is below. Just click on a year and this will bring you to my photos for that year or type of dress. If you see “Rachel Pastel” on some of my photos, that was my previous last name is all ... Still me. Enjoy  !!!



















RACHEL’S VIDEOS (Floral Dress) 2011


RACHEL’S VIDEOS (Satin Skirt) 2011

Below are 3 ways to see my photos on Flickr!




( Blue Dress) 2011



RACHEL’S VIDEOS (Royal Blue Dress) 2012


(Blue Top/Skirt) 2012










Rachel’s Videos

(Floral Dress) 2014

Rachel’s Videos

(Petticoat Skirt) 2014