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 Brianna Grant  


For the majority of my life, Brianna has always been there in spirit. However, it wasn't until I turned 40 that she actually materialized. And materialized she did!! I love the feeling and fun of a new outfit. This part of my life has been very rewarding beyond what words can describe. I have been blessed to find a few friends in the local DC area and online that have been very supportive and accepting.

I tell my friends that it really is important to me to attend to every detail when dressing. I love jewelry, different hair styles, cute shoes, and just generally different looks. When I'm watching TV or movies, I like to see an actress and say to myself.. can I pull that off? It gives me a little motivation and when I can (or as good as I can), I find it very fun and fulfilling. I LOVE to take photos and post them on Flickr. I get a lot of comments about the size of my wardrobe. Yes, I do have a lot of outfits and I love everyone of them. They bring me joy and I plan to broaden the wardrobe forever!

I am very comfortable with where I am, balancing between genders. Both sides are important and need to be expressed. I actually consider this all to be a gift. I think the fact that I can balance between genders helps me be an overall better person.

This journey of mine has brought a great deal of fulfillment and joy. The friends I have met along the way have only added to that. I look forward to continuing on that journey and the experiences it will bring.

Thank you Rachel for recognizing me in this way! You are a sweetheart!

All the best,


Click on Brianna’s portrait below to go to her Flickr page.