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 Brittney Thomas  


Hi, I am Brittney! It has been a dream of mine to be a Cover Girl and now it has actually come true. :) From time to time when I was home alone I would wear a dress from my mom’s closet or maybe a pair of heels. The Problem was I never had the courage to actually keep it on. I dabbled in crossdressing as a young child but got serious about it when I was a freshman in high school. When you are on student council, you have to do all of the spirit days during homecoming week. One of the days was crossdress day. I decided to go all out. People kept asking who the new girl was. I was shocked. When I found out how good I looked as a woman I decided crossdressing was definitely for me! 

Since I have graduated I still LOVE dressing as a woman (who wouldn't). I am currently am advisor for AppleCare for Apple Computers. I work from home and you know I dress as Haley every chance I get! 

Love you all!



Question: When did you first start crossdressing?

     Answer:  I first started crossdressing at the very early age of 4.

Question: Describe your early experiences dressing as a girl.

     Answer:  At first just the typical thing, looked cute but then took it off. I didn't want to get caught.

Question: At what age did you start using make-up and wearing wigs? How did you learn how to apply make up? Any tips for other                    TGirls? Brand of make up you use?

     Answer:  I started using make up at age 15. I had a girlfriend at that time who helped me. Any tips … don’t be afraid! I use Cover Girl                       brand make up.

Question: If you had your choice, what do like wearing the most when being a girl?

     Answer:  I love wearing high heels !!!

Question: Now a bit of personal information ... What is your marital status? A sensitive area for some girls, but ... how old are you now?                    Does anyone know you are a TGirl? What country do you live in?

     Answer:  I am single and 23 years old. Yes, some people know I am a Tgirl. I live in the USA.

Question: Do you have a website and/or email you’d like to share with us?

     Answer:  My email is 

Question: Have you ever gone out as a girl? If so, tell us what the first time is like and how you feel being out in the world as a girl.

     Answer:  The first time I went out as a girl was at age 15 for crossdress day in high school .The first time is scary, really scary. But                       then as you get used to it, you feel natural as a woman.

Question: Have you ever gone through a purge of your female clothing? If so, can you tell us why? How did it make you feel? How long                    before you went back to being a girl?

     Answer:  I have never purged, but have come close.

Question: What percentage of time do you spend as a girl?

     Answer:   I spend about 75% of my time as Haley.

Question: Do you feel more like a boy or a girl now and why?

     Answer:  I feel much more like a girl.

Question: Have you ever dated or wanted to date another TGirl or a man?

     Answer:  I have dated another Tgirl.

Question: Do you have any advice for other TGirls, especially ones that have yet to venture out as a girl?

     Answer:  Just go out, nobody can do it for you. you are who you are. If they don't accept you, oh well, not you problem

Question: How is your life now as a TGirl? What's gone well and not so well?

     Answer:  Good, everything has gone great.

Question: Anything else you'd like to say?

     Answer:  The only thing I regret is that my family doesn’t know.

Some of Brittney’s favorite shopping sites are:

Click on Brittney’s portrait below to go to her Flickr page.  You can also visit Brittney’s Facebook page by clicking here.

Below are some of Brittney’s favorite high heels