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 Candy Church  


 I was born a SHORT TIME AFTER THE WAR OF NORTHERN AGGRESSION. Which means that I am as old as dirt....I have been seriously dressing since 2001 after my first wife died ending a 20 year bout with cancer. She had more than enough problems and did not need Candy baggage... 'Wanted to all my life, but got to do very, very little...I have remarried gorgeous lady who wears the same sizes that I wear in everything, and loves all of me...She does not wear the trashy stuff ....I have a friend who sells to exotic dancers/strippers and I have the run of his warehouse from shoes to long dresses to very tiny little things....well you have seen some of them.....Most clothes and all shoes are mine except what my wife borrows..

I was on the cover of LadyLike and featured in that issue, and was a constant contributor. I invented Candy Tarts push up pads that are manufactured and sold by Espy at Classic Curves. Don't get a penny by choice thrilled to do something for others... Honey, if you have anything in your chest area we can give you cleavage, I'll share any of this info with you if you want it. I even give a free cleavage kits to baby sisters...... I was featured in ALL The Beautiful People often I do seminars on how to have my cleavage and my figure, I enjoy doing them on using the self-timer and taking your own pictures, especially glamour pictures ; plus making your own back grounds. and the relationship of the transgendered world to the Christian faith. Such as are crossdressers going to hell? (Yes and No) I do college lectures about crossdressing and the transgendered information that seems to never get out properly. Candy has spent 2 weeks in London, LV 3 times for a week at a time. LA, Seattle 3 times for 2 weeks each time , Atlanta in SCC, All of JoAnn's events since 2002 and DC often. My only real problem is that I live in almost Mayberry NC. It needs to be remembered that they still hang people here on the courthouse lawn. especially crossdressing that there is no going out in this area at all....

I work out 3 to 5 days a week, have an awful back that the doctors want to do surg. but i am holding off as I could come out a lot worse. I diet all the time. I love shopping with my wife and do her make up every day....I am the most blessed person in the whole world to find myself loved by the Lord and by a gorgeous girl and get to be Candy whenever I want.....Wonderful! If I can help you in any way all you have to do is ask......I work with a lot of transgendered persons and cherish the opportunity.

Oh, I have no real desire to see body parts that I already have and go to great pains TO HIDE...For what it is worth I am 38-27-38. Oh, had my left knee replaced in Jan 2012 too much running and sports. I was worried, but it is back about 85% and improving If I can be able to help you too..ASK...P.S. I have spent a lifetime as a public speaker, a minister, and helping people in groups from one to 100's so I love being asked . I'm yours....

OK. I love to correspond.......Love, Candy Email is wrong and it won't change. It should be

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