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 Cassandra Taylor  


A quick overview of Cassie. I'm early Fifties and have dressed on and off for over Forty years. Its only in the last Ten years I've really taken my dressing very seriously, and the last three or four years more than ever. I guess I regret having dithered around and probably lost my best years.....whats the fading violet...or something like that. Anyway no time to dwell on the what might have beens, its time to get on and enjoy my Cassie quality times :)


So......who am I, well mostly a dull boring bloke, you know, middle aged, grown up kids and chugs along at work. Then there is Cassie, an easy going Tgirl that likes to get out and about on the Tranny scene. For the last two years I have kind of let life fly by, a change in job has meant a lot more work and less time for what I love doing most, that being Cassie, not so much on the scene now, but still get out with a couple of close friends.


Any new girls that are setting out, well, have a wonderful time, dont get caught up in the cliques and most of all have a ball, theres some great people out there and I know had it not been for the trans scene I would'nt have met at tenth of the quite amazing people that I have out there and enjoy.


As to the bio bit about me, well.....I like skiing, I like music and just try to keep my head down and earn an honest crust. Tell me about you, that would be far more interesting :)

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