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 Cassidy Lynn  


I was probably 11 or 12 the first time I slipped on one of my sisters dresses. I didn't understand why I was so attracted to pretty girls’ clothes and had the urge to wear them.  BUT I am glad I did!!!  Like most of you I was confused why I was like this. Felt guilt, felt like I was not doing what normal boys should do. All through my teen years I would dress in my sisters and mothers clothes any chance I got. It just felt incredible, and so right!!  I'm sure I didn't look so good … makeup skills and a Halloween wig don't cut it.   

After hiding it for years, one night I told my friend Kristie that I wanted to dress as a girl for Halloween and asked if she would help me. She agreed and thought it would be fun. Not telling her I had always done this.  She bought me some outfits and came over.  I was soooo nervous. She did my makeup and hair, and even dressed me. It was the most incredible experience. Eventually I told her the truth and she was more than supportive. Helping me shop and sending makeup.  Eventually I told more girls that I was friends with and most were shocked at first but very understanding. If it makes you happy, why not !!! 

I got on Rachel’s site one night and asked to be a cover girl. To say I was nervous is a huge understatement.  Thank you so much for all your help Rachel!!  It just feels wonderful to transform into a woman!!!!  Not attracted to men, but I am attracted to other t-girls and am so glad I have finally excepted who I am..  We’re the lucky ones who get to experience this. 

Cassidy does not have an online presence at the current time.

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Lingerie-Cassidy Lynn