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 Catherine Fiona Anastasia  


Dear Tgirls:

I started cross dressing in my early teens  with just mummy’s petticoats to start with. Ii adored the feel and how pretty they looked. The sexual turn on had me hooked for life.  Having 3 sisters, it was not long before I moved on to their pretty party dresses - all the satin and lace, ribbons and bows. It was and still is wonderful. It was about this time I had feelings for my best friend. One morning I slipped in to bed with mummy in one of her nighties and told her I wanted to be this way. I made no mention of wanting to be a girl, just to wear pretty frilly dresses. Within the week she took me to see the doctor who told her it was just a phase I was going through so she gave me carte blanche to indulge my crossdressing in private.

Not being able to control my feelings for my best friend,  I let him into my secret that I wore the prettiest satin and lace party dress I could find in my sisters wardrobe.  I felt so special!! He found it rather funny and called me a pansy my erection at being called this was to say the least noticeable and though he never admitted he was gay, he gave me my first sexual experience followed by many more! I could not wait to get home from school and slip into a frilly dress knowing he would want more.  My appetite for frilly dresses and gay sex became insatiable as it is today.

Life being what it is my boyfriend moved so I found another outlet for my crossdressing and needs. Being the last out to go to school my 2 older sisters went to senior school and mummy took my younger sister to primary school. This left me time to go half way to school in one of my sisters school uniforms, pretty panties, underskirt, pleated skirt and blouse and tie with socks and mary jane shoes. It felt exhilarating and so right.

I began to widen my crosdressing repertoire to going out at night in frilly dresses ( with a long coat ) not much changed for a while till i met an older chap who lived alone having his own flat i could indulge my crossdressing passion for frilly dresses he took up where my boyfriend left of this led to the pleasure of not just him but some of his friends i became for all intense and purpose a sissy slut and loved every minute of it!!

passing my driving test at 17 gave me a new freedom of going to the gay village and meting other sissy's and crossdresses and being able to go dogging especially in public toilets though wrong on many levels to most people getting buggered in a frilly dress wanked on pissed on and going home drenched i found wonderful!

i met my future now ex wife in a club she new from day one i crossdressed and for seven years we dated weather she was aware i was interested in men at that time i will never know ( not spoken for 18yrs ) we eventually where married ha a lovely daughter and the marriage lasted 18months!! why? because i wanted more not just the dresses bu a female body i lived in role for the customary 5yrs but could not acquire the 12000 pound needed for transgender op by this time my ex wife met someone and my contact was stopped with my daughter because of possibility of bullying at school the report from the psychiatrist though not seeing me as an unfit parent did recommend i saw a psychiatrist who dealt with gender issues ( family judge thought otherwise and the next time i saw my daughter was at the age of 16) so i lived in role for another 2yrs and courtesy of the N:H:S i know have had full gender op, breast implants, nose orgamantation and 3 facial surgery operations.

14yrs on i have a wonderful relationship with my daughter have my first grandchild and next year i am getting married to a wonderful lady who is also post op t.s and a sissy admirer well aware of my sexual appetite and has no qualms as long as i am fullfiled and she can watch! LoL LIFE IS GOOD...

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