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 Chanelle Nirok  


Chanelle Natalia Nirok. Born in Eastern Europe and raised in the Sunshine State of Florida and currently learning, working, and residing in the heart of the Gator Nation. Young and beautiful, hetero cross-dresser. Love engineering, business and entrepreneurship, motorsport, photography, fashion and modeling, as well as cosmetics. I think and live in color Red, which is the color of passion, victory, and love. In addition, I truly enjoy collecting tens of women's dresses, in small and medium sizes, both of which I can fit into. Over the course of my time as a part-time T-Girl, I've grown a very wide selection of clothes, shoes, wigs, and jewelry for myself and every video I do, I try creating a fresh and unique look, even if I end up mix-and-matching.

My interest in the MTF transformation scene commenced after I attended my first drag show at age 8. When I was 14, I started playing with my mom's clothes and makeup without her knowledge. Finally came out to my mom as well as my best guy friend as a straight crossdresser at the age of 19 and have been dressing in full drag since then. One year later, I found a beautiful, loving, and understanding girlfriend and now enjoy this wonderful hobby in peace and harmony without having any doubts or guilt.

If you wish to connect, I am on Twitter, YouTube, Flickr, and Google+ under the same name - Chanelle Nirok.

Click on Chanelle’s portrait below to go to her Flickr page.  

Sexy Crossdresser - Strapless Blue Dress.wmv

Click on the pic to the right to view one of Chanelle’s videos!

Lingerie-Chanelle Nirok

Click on the rigth pic to see Chanelle’s Lingerie Model page!