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 Chantal Marie  

Click on Chantal’s portrait below to go to her Flickr page!


First of all I don't enjoy creating a bio about myself and would much rather have someone else do so on my behalf.

I am a Canadian gurl who resides in the Western part of Canada and loves being a Canadian. The biggest drawback is that there isn't too many other gurls in this part of the world which can be somewhat lonely at times.

I have only been out and about two times while dressed, primarily due to the fear of being recognized by someone in the community since it isn't a large city in comparison to London, Manchester or New York.


I am mostly closeted and would love to meet another girl or gg who would accept and understand who Chantal really is and what she really wants..... Perhaps one day?

I suppose I am a bit of a late bloomer in the grand scheme of things, since I truly never really started dressing until I was in my late 30's / early 40's. I did dabble in dressing by wearing my mother’s undies when I was a teenager (14) but would typically brush it off as experimenting or playing around and never really took it seriously to any degree and could go for years before I would once again experiment.

I rarely dressed through my twenties as I was  what I likely thought a macho man who enjoyed most things male oriented such as sports, biking, cars etc. and rarely thought about dressing. It wasn't until my mid 30's where I once again had the desire to dress and would accumulate the usual things a CD would accumulate to dress. I was a pretty sad sight upon reflection and looked totally like some dude in girls clothes even though I most likely felt totally sexy. As time rolled on I would do the usual purge thing denying that I was a CD and go on once again for extended periods of denial and not dress.

It wasn't until these past few years in my 40's where I have had stronger than ever desires to dress and have therefore created Chantal whom is still a work in progress I must add. I have been fortunate enough to have accumulated a decent wardrobe currently along with the accessories which allow me to obtain the different looks and styles displayed in my photos.

I have really only taken dressing a little more serious recently and must thank those of you who have taken notice of me on Flickr and left so many kind & flattering comments which fuel the desire to be even more convincing.

I have been on Flickr for approx. one year now and am marveled by the amount of people who have followed me which amazes me and would like to thank each and every one of you for doing so. Flickr has allowed me to grow and to be braver than ever before.

I have also created a little group of girls and gurls which you may have also seen (Chantal's gurl's Club) and have enjoyed the beautiful photos which have been a part of it? Thanks to all of you who have joined and participated in contributing to make it a classy, beautiful group of Flickr's finest girls and gurls in my opinion.

I would love to continue to see Chantal grow and become a more confident gurl who can take things to the next level which would be to get out more often and to meet another gurl for friendship and special times. Perhaps you might be  that person??

I really don't want to bore you any longer since my story is very typical of most of the other gurls out there and do wish that we all find ourselves and to be happy with ourselves.

I truly hope to achieve much more in the days, weeks and months ahead and hope that we cross paths somewhere in the journey ahead.

Much love!

Chantal Marie xxx