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 Chantell Chanell  


Some information about me.

My slogan: I'm too creative just to live like a..... So I am sometimes a woman.

Only a man can be a woman the way that a man wants a woman to be.

Women have much more opportunities today to express themselves look at their clothes. But most women do not use these possibilities. I do if I am a woman.

So I like to dress up as a woman. It's feels good. I am proud to show some photo's on flickr. I hope you like them. And I love your comment.
If you like to see more pictures of me you have to ask me. If I like your profile..... I mayby add you.

Warning: I hate profiles without a photo of yourself full visible as a woman.

Some sience !!

Carl Gustav Jung (doctor, psychiatrist), said that every man and every woman there is a powerful element that attracts the opposite sex like a magnet. In other words, every man has a deep subconscious desire to become a woman and every woman the same desire to become a man. All human beings are a mixture of male and female. No one is all female or all male. Recognizes that in women there is animus, or male component and a man anima, or female component.

Just want to thank Rachel for the opportunity to be a cover girl! I am so incredibly flattered!

Thanks so much!

Chantall Chanell

Click on Chantell’s portrait below to go to her Flickr page.