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 Christina Marie  


When did you start dressing? Are you gay? Are you married? Do you have kids? The questiona seem to be pretty much the same most of the time. Especially when I told my family that I like to be a woman. Ah, but we must start at the beginning.

I didn't really start thinking too much about dressing at all until one fateful day. My oldest sister was getting married and the bridesmaid gown and shoes was being kept in my room. One day I decided to try the shoes on. I loved it so much I just had to try the dress. Since I was 15 at the time, it fit me like a glove. I was in heaven. I took it off and didn't try anything like that for a while.

Years went by, I got married, but the feeling was still there. I bought a nightgown and a slinky dress for my wife, but large enough for me. Not a nice thing for me to do of course. I was young though. As time went on I asked my wife wife, jokingly, "I bet I could make a good looking woman." Well she said, let's see, and I did. It was a good laugh. Sometime between then and Ohlahoma City I started to dress more and more. I did try to find other ladies, but it really didn't workout so I kept it in the home. My wife and I did make it out on Halloween once and a while. The first time we did, I actually took first place. One guy actually thought we were lesbians. That was a real hoot. My wife didn't really like it though. As time passes, we had two kids and my dressing slowed down somewhat. During some rough years with my wife, I finally told my mother and father of my crossdressing and in the following years, I told my sisters who told their husbands who told their kids. So everyone knows I like to dress as a woman. They all say that I look like my youngest sister. LOL. I had no problems whatsoever with them. If my in-laws knew, they would keel over and die I think. My wife's side of the family is very, very straight laced and don't believe in any type of deviation. Closed-minded people are so unfortunate when they can't see the entire picture.

I didn't make real progress until I moved here to Tuscon, AZ. One of the first things I did was join the local Tri-ESS group here called Tau Upsilon. They are a wonderful group of women. This is when I met Brenda and she gave me the most wonderful make-over anyone could ever get. Once I saw how much better I could look, I started working at it. Started going out more here and there. I even made a trip to Phoenix to visit friends, and another one in El Paso who took me out for lunch. Now that was fun! This was the first time going out during the daytime. I was quite at ease with it all too. Everyone I have been with has been so great.

Today I get a chance to dress abotu twice a month, more if I can. I have been fortuneate enough to have good friends to take pictures of me outside. They have been getting much better with time. I am not sure what my future holds. I am pretty sure of one thing though. If I wasn't married, I might have already started to transition. It just feel natural to be a woman for me. Since I am married however, I do have responsibilities there and I don't want my children to be hurt because of my dressing. Time will tell. For now, I will just do the best I can, and be the best dang woman I can. So if you ever go to Tuscon, look out, you may see me. Even up at Phoenix it may happen.

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