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 Christine K  


I am recently retired in my 40's pursuing another career field. I have a very supportive S.O (Wife) and she even helps me out with my photos from time to time,

Having a spouse that knows has also come to better our relationship in which part of it was having a better understanding of what its like to be a Woman, not just the dressing, but presenting the female image in the best possible manner, something I had taken for granted in the past, and I find can be difficult, now I know the reason for the need of so many pairs of shoes.

I have read, studied, researched with the help of other T-girls and the Internet for the past 10 years, finding many resources has helped me gain a better understanding of myself and the better qualities in myself.

The Internet has helped me gain an understanding that I am not alone which is what I felt for many years, and I was very terrified in the fact that I had even felt this way, and in my early years also ashamed of wanting to dress. I have found out that my life is very closely the same as thousands of others out there on this planet..

My Male life: which is 100% percent Mans "Man" is also also a very good one! I have been successful in a former career field which is not only mentally and physically tasking and very competitive, (such as many others are) but now I am glad that part of my life is over, and I am able to devote my life to family and my female self image

I started dressing off and on since the age of 5, and remember seeing many Women of the early 70's in mini skirts, heels, hair done up and makeup, the image is something that I had also wanted to express, and that is the image of beauty.

I have been out on a few occasions during the last few years, but now I am able to devote a little more of my time to presenting my female self image.

I enjoy many things in the outdoors such as trail running, hiking, and spending time with my family. I am a very open minded and out going person but always willing to learn what I can in the super highway of life.

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