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 Cindy Denmark

Click on Cindy’s portrait below to go to her Flickr page.


I'm a heterosexual male that loves being a girl, and exploring feminine fashion, vintage and modern. Some of what I like is frilly and girly, but I don't share very many of the tastes of those who call themselves "sissy". They are nice people, but I'm just not one of them.


I have zero interest in things like bondage, s & m, cuckold stuff, etc. Also, I like sexy attire, but sexy is not my aim, attractiveness is.


In 2016 I started profiles on Tumblr and Pinterest and have posted many pictures there.

Since these sites were newer than Flickr, I assumed I'd prefer them. I'm very disappointed with both, especially because almost all the photos there are unidentified by the posters. I'm left wondering when I see a picture labelled or tagged as a t-girl or cross dresser there how I know that's true. Was it scanned from some magazine? What was the name and date and page? From some catalog? If it is a selfie, who the hell are you? Do you have a a profile and photostream somewhere so I can see more of you? If you downloaded the pic from Flickr or somewhere else online and then uploaded it to Tumblr, why don't you say where the hell it came from so I can go there to see more pictures of this person?


The people that have become followers of me on those sites, because those sites are so devoid of context, are almost all people who have no interest in my pictures as displays of me and my fashion preferences. For some reason, almost all of them have nothing but pornography on their own pages, YUCK! Get me out of there!


So, I am starting the new year 2018 by only using Flickr for any new pictures I put online. I will migrate everything over to Flickr eventually.


Until everything is copied over to Flickr, you can see all my 2016-2017 pictures at

Lingerie-Cindy Denmark

Click on the pic to the right to view Cindy’s Lingerie Model page >>>>