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 Deana Rose  


I started to dress myself as a girl from a very young age ... I was about 7 years old when I did put on my sisters clothes who was only a few years older than me... ,she secretly helped me with that.... that's how it went on for years.. I always played with dolls and played girls games with other girls...I even did go outside as a girl when no one was at home.... when I reached the age of about 14 my sister didn't approve any more to wear her clothes and use her make-up from then on I did it secretly myself .. couldn't do it too often ...when I was 21.. I started to take my first pictures dressed as a girl.. unfortunately I don't have them anymore the reason is I tried to stop a few years later because I thought at that time that I was the only person in the world doing this's probably something that you recognize in many other storyies about this subject.. in between those years I still did dress myself as a girl but not that often 1983 in the Netherlands the law was changed and men were allowed to dress themselves as a woman and go outside dressed as a woman  ( before 1983 there were of course men who did go outside dressed as a girl late in the evening or at night-time)...  ... before that time you were stopped and then taken to the police station most of the time ... and then let out early  in the morning to go home dressed  in your women's clothes ... so in 1983 a world went open for me... it was a hype all over in the newspapers and magazines and even television .. I knew then  that I wasn't the only one in the world yes I started to buy everything again, women's clothes ,underwear , and  shoes that time it was reasonably save to go outside dressed as a woman ..which I did of course ..still early in the evening's but still very busy outside lots of people...I walked for miles and miles  even went on the pushbike a few times as a girl ..dated  other was good ... then for different reasons I did stop again a few times in between....but in 2010. I started again and haven't stopped since then.. life is too short .. I know now it's a part of me and that it is impossible to stop.. I do have a very strong feminine side and it feels like that side is getting stronger and stronger  ...I needed to find a balance in my live and I more or less have find that balance ... I have far more women's clothes , lingerie , shoes everything  then I have men's stuff now .. I do shop dressed as a man , most things I buy in shops a few things on the internet.. salesgirls are nice to me, some suspect that I buy it for myself they come to me  and help me to find the right size..and some react / response to me and say enjoy the dress you will love it  ..... the neighbourhood and the Netherlands has changed a lot now ..many immigrants are against people like me and it's no longer save for me as in the past to go outside for me in my neighbourhood dressed as a woman ... having no driving license makes things more difficult ..otherwise it would be far more easy to move safely around and go outside to other places.

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