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 Dee Gregory  


Dee has been dressing on and off since a young age. Her approach is mostly from a costume/disguise/ theatrical approach. Having ‘survived’ two purges and unsupported marriages, she has returned again with a vengeance. With the support of friends, her confidence has increased and she now boldly, but not foolishly, ventures into the public realm and into the daylight. She also performs part-time as a female impersonator in one of the local clubs. The person that gives ‘Dee’ life is a 49-year-old divorced father of three daughters, ages 13, 10 and 10, who are unaware of this side of their father’s life.

Highlights of Dee existence have been the feature girl for Ladylike Magazine issues #25, an invitation as a special guest to a local Hooters annual awards banquet, and meeting a few of her web sisters in person. Dee wishes to all; Peace, Love and light

Click on Dee’s portrait below to go to her Flickr page.