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 Diane Turner  


 I first started dressing at the age of about 12,as with a lot of girls it was my mums knicker drawer that attracted me first to the wonders of soft satin and silks,from this i progressed to her full wardrobe,at 14 i was caught by the family in her best frock!,

At the age of 20 i had a makeover and first saw the girl Diane could be properly with wigs and makeup,i have come such a long way since those early days,I did all the usual things like getting married and diving into the normal thing,The ex did know all about it but over time came to shun Diane so she at the age of 30 blossomed by going out into the big wide world,The very first sparkle was my first trip out on my own and it changed my life,

I am now a fully fledged t-girl and love to out and about and very comfortable in my skin,In October 2010 i bumped into a woman who would change my life forever,it was at Pink punters at Milton Keynes.we briefly chatted there and made a connection,this became a full blown love affair at the January BNO of 2011,we now live together and she adores my girl side utterly(probably prefers her to my drab side),we are regulars out and about and have a wonderful collection of t-girl friends who are just the best,life just gets better as a girl and hope it will continue for many years to come,

Diane x

Click on Diane’s portrait below to go to her Flickr page.