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BIO (from Elke’s Pettipond page):

I have always loved full and feminine dresses ever since I can remember - it seems odd to have female adoration pre-pubic but that's the way it was, with me anyway, such as it is to be what I term 'ultra-hetro'. My mum would use me as a model for alterations to her dresses (back in the 50's), and I would love it! Especially when it was one of her evening dresses. I have only been doing "full Monty," i.e., wigs, make-up and shoes for about ten years.


My wife and I (of 25 years) have separated; the kids have grown up and left home, so that I have the house to myself these days, so my things have come out of hiding places and joined me "in the closet".... I am dying to come out of it! I dream of finding an enlightened female to go public with as in Tessy's tale.

I have gone public of sorts. I walked into a busy bar not long ago with a beautiful 'full-ish number' and later walked about 150 yards down a crowded street and back again (full of restaurants and such) in my fullest (and favourite) poufy frock...the blue one that I have included here.

What a joy to discover this website and realize that in a world gone mad WE are actually very, very, normal.

Click on Elke’s portrait below to go to her Pettipond page. Click here to go to Elke’s YouTube page.