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 Emma Ross  


  I'm Emma Ross, a crossdresser who strives to seem as real as possible. I am a perfectionist and I aim to show myself as feminine as any genetic girl, if not more so! This is not a parody of womankind: I would be proud to be a classy and somewhat sexy woman. Naturally it takes a couple of hours to transform into a presentable woman and I enjoy the process as an essential part of my experience. The power of makeup to create a new face is amazing!

I live in Edinburgh, the capital city of Scotland, which does not have an obvious trans population, so I felt alone and all messed up inside. My earliest signs began when I was four and this has always been part of my mind, though I knew it was unacceptable and I was in denial. It was thanks to the internet which opened up a vast new world to me and showed me what I could be. Only six years ago, I accepted my other self and allowed myself to be seen on line. Recently I have felt confident to go outside and walk among the public for the first time. It was thrilling and yet totally uneventful. I'm sure I will move out into the real world more and more.

I always enjoy my feminine time enormously, but I don't wish to make myself Emma permanently. I also enjoy so many aspects of male life that I want to have both -- is that too greedy? I love skiing and I'd love to combine two passions and spend a day on the snow as Emma.

Whichever face I show, I believe I remain the same person inside. Like a coin, I have two faces and the same value whichever one you see.

Click on Emma’s portrait below to go to her Flickr page. Click on “Video 1” to the right to view one of Emma’s videos!