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 Erandhika Dias  


I am a T girl and been an over lover of females has lead me to my desire to dress. 

While attended school there were many opportunity for me to dress as a girl. I cannot remember a concert or a dance that I played a male role at school. I have dressed as a girl for almost all the school concerts we had at school. For English day Shakespeare dramas I have acted as Desdomona in Othello, Juliet in Romeo and Juliet and also Miranda in Tempest. I have also been to many fancy dress parades, dressed as a girl. My dressing history started when I was 14. It happened when my drama teacher told me that I was too thin to fit into a male role and she wanted me to try out a female role. I of course objected as I did not like the idea at all to wear girl’s clothes in front of people. However I loved acting so much I wanted to keep the part in my school play. The drama was about a Sri Lankan village story and I had to act the part of the supporting female role, of a young village girl. I had to wear a traditional dress of a Cloth and Jacket (redda and hatte) and put on a wig and wear my hair in a bun . Well this was the first time I dressed which at the dress rehearsal at the play. After I put the make up on and got into my dress I just could not believe I was actually looking like a stunning girl. (unfortunately I do not have any pictures of me). 

After that experience I liked the idea of been a girl.


Thanks again.




Click on Erandhi’s portrait below to go to her Flickr page.