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 Erika Stevens  


I have been crossdressing since I was 18 years old. My girlfriend at the time and I were invited to a New Years's costume party. She suggested that I go  as a girl and she as a boy. I reluctantly agreed to her idea. Once I was made up and dressed in a party dress I was hooked big time. She had dressed me in all of the feminine lingerie that she had. We were similiar in size. I was a hit that evening..

After that I only dressed for party events and never came out of the closet. We eventually parted ways but I always had the desire to dress after that and did so. I learned to do my own makeup and how to dress properly.

Years went by until I hit my forties. That's when 'Erika" was born. I began dressing more as a stress buster and it gave me a chance to step out of my male self and explore my femme side. I enjoyed the experience immensely. My main love is lingerie ( bra, panties and garter belts) I always found them to be the height of femininity. I also loved dresses and suits.

I began to attend local events and gained my confidence to be out with people. Over the years I have attended many SCC and Be All conventions along with events locally.

I have always striven to present the best feminine image, both privately and publicly as I can. I have on many occasions helped other gals in creating their image and esteem also.

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Lingerie-Erika Stevens

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