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 Erin Li  


Hello, I’m Erin from the San Francisco Bay Area, CA.  I’m tall, aspiring-to-be slender, Asian-American, and in my early thirties, I started dressing at a young age, and started fully dressing (makeup, wig, etc) about three years ago.  I’m engaged to a wonderful woman who knows about and is becoming more understanding and accepting of this TG lifestyle.  

I dress at home, and have not yet had an opportunity to experience the outside world dressed.  It’s unfortunate to live in an area that is more T-friendly than most but not take advantage of it.  Hopefully when my CD relationship with my fiancée has evolved further, these heels may yet have the chance to get their soles scuffed on the pavement.


I am always in deep appreciation for what the Internet does for us Tgirls.  Freedom to be anonymous has given us easier access to shop for what we want, get makeup tips, and most importantly, to find others like ourselves.  

Click on Erin Li’s portrait below to go to her Flickr page.