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 Evie Knix  


Well it appears Rachel has kindly asked me to be a cover girl for her site. I was initially reluctant and flattered. However I thought why not. So I should tell you something more about Evie Knix. 

Evie is a 40 something transgendered bundle of fun and slightly crazy attitude to life. I live and work in England. I had always struggled growing up with my ideation of being female...however as time went by I managed to push any thoughts away and threw myself into my career. But the need to be true to who I am and felt I was wouldn't go away.

I never really had relationships as being found out for who I really was and wanted to be would not be fair on anyone. Seven years ago I decided to finally accept my female persona. it hasn't been a easy journey and is in no way over. So you can see my make-up skills are not the best however I have never professed to being anything other than me. So when folk look at me and describe me as feminine and actually pay me a compliment that is such a wonderful thing and helps build my confidence and makes my journey so much easier. Thanks for all the support and please continue to support Rachel’s wonderful site.

Hugs galore Evie

Click on Evie’s portrait below to go to her Flickr page.  You can go to Evie’s Facebook page by clicking here.