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 Felicia Alexis  


Hola!! I am just the All American type of gal here...Used to work for Disney, Knott's, Amtrak, so it loving...always try to be's no fun hanging around negative folks! And believe in the "Golden Rule" You know it! Grew up Catholic. You know those repressed Catholic types.

And I dress to please, if just for me and a must to have sexy lacy thigh stockings, with garters of course....and sexy heels. I am true and genuine and love pay attention to details and please my mate. Just look at my smile. I am like no other and want to be in a loving relationship. I love to look classy and sexy. No games for me, I am too old, or too young for that! And still a kid and oh so fun as well. All my pics are from the last year and half, so no false advertising here. I don't "do" false advertising, so please have a decent and full profile up.

I am very intuitive and used to interview folks from all walks of life, so can pick out the ones that are not true and genuine in a heartbeat....yes, I am that one would have a clue, but I used to carry a gun for a living....(glock if you must know) don't do it now, nor do even own one anymore, no need.....I am in the more progressive water industry as water in operations as water is a positive commodity, nothing negative about good clean water, and no one really knows all the systems, checks and balances, testing and quality monitoring it takes to deliver it to your faucet. Plus one has to pay thru the nose for it now days, so a great place to be in industry wise. .

So just a lowly master’s student in Environmental Engineering, so designing is what I would like to do of the systems involved in treatment/distribution systems. It's a lot of fun going back to school, as I am the minority now. Have a nice 3.63 Masters yes, cute and a bit smart! :) Love having fun took a scuba class an now taking several cooking classes, a golf class, as well as a calculus and several Masters Engineering classes, so my time will be a tad limited now as the Fall Semester just started. So, Scuba is water related! And well golf uses water, indirectly. And food classes uses water as the universal solvent, so it's all related!!! So i can justify anything as it's the Catholic way! LOL

My Ideal Person: Cute and somewhat dominate woman, and has to be classy and sexy, honest and true like me!! :)....And shaves fully.....hate body hair!! except on your head! :) Let’s communicate and rendezvous if the chemistry is there! :) Felicia

First Date
Nice quiet restaurant or lil hole in the wall would be nice so we can get to know each other. I glass or two of wine would be nice as well, I love a nice chianti here. Catholic and Italian, what mix!! :) Angelos and Vinces in Fullerton is my Fav Italian restaurant. A great place for a first meet! :) Fun, unique atmosphere, and great food. And well, can show you the body parts stored in the dungeon room. As Steven Peck, the owner was in the Godfather II movie. Gotta luv those mafia's types!

And please don't be a flake!!! This is 3 times now! Had 2 GG's and one TS flake and cancel out on a date in the last 2 I thought guys were pretty flaky! LOL This is the reason why I just enjoy life and do things myself! What's up with that!!?? Least guys will be there at an instant and get down to business.....LOL Just not my cup of tea...oh's pretty funny thou......heck I have fun whatever I am one seems to really want something substantial, reason why I always have a back up plan....just booked my 14th cruise on carnival to catalina/ensenada for 1/12/14, went to Cabo last year by myself, never could find a great gal and get this it was paid for tooo! Now planning my trips up to San Fran for thanksgiving and Xmas time.....least I can rely on myself. back to your regular scheduled programming........

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Lingerie-Felicia Alexis

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