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 Fiona O’Toole  


 My Name is a Fiona. I am an Irish lass through and through who loves to get dressed up. I will not give away my age but thanks to a good diet healthy exercise and great genes I look a lot younger than my real age.

I love dressing up and am a real gal for dresses. I do not own a single pair of slacks but have hundreds of pretty dresses and loads of skirts and pretty dresses. My favourite pass time is getting all prettied up in one of beautiful frocks and becoming a stunning fashion model (tee-hee).

I have a great collection of ballgowns but my favourite has to be my 20 wedding dresses.
I acquire most of my wedding gowns on ebay but the rest I usually purchase in stores. My favourite is TK Maxx as you get some gorgeous choices but you have to be patient. I only buy gowns that take my breath away but thankfully I am a relentless shopper and this happens often enough.

Thankfully I am small and slim so I don't have a problem getting clothes and shoes in my size. I prefer to shop in a skirt and blouse as they are easier to get on and off when I try items on in the the ladies dressing room.

I hope you enjoy my photos.

Click on Fiona’s portrait below to go to her Flickr page.