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 Gabrielle Thomas  


 I am gabrielle. I am a tall, blonde, California Girl who loves short skirts, high heels, and all the sexy underthings that go with. I enjoy the friendship and company of other tgirls and genetic females. I am a lifelong part time gurl and I love being out on the town meeting new people and dancing. I love taking pictures and although I am sexy and friendly, I am a classy, responsible person. I love the LA tgirl scene and also travel to Seattle, Portland, Denver, San Francisco, San Jose, Salt Lake City, and Phoenix.

I LOVE being a girl and in hindsight wish that I had come out earlier in life....I most likely would have gone full time. Though I am not into men, I have a fantasy to go out on a "real" date with a tall, handsome man who comes to my door with a flower in hand...he comes in an waits until I'm ready....he walks me to the car, opens my door, and drives me to dinner and then to a club for some dancing and a little intimacy....he drives me home, walks me to the door, I thank him, and we passionately kiss goodnight....if i do fall for him....he so has me on the third date!



Click on Gabrielle’s portrait below to go to her Flickr page.