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 Heather C  


II am a married cd living in the western USA. I started really young and my sisters dresses were calling out to me also that like to get out in public but it is usually only a few times per year. OK why am I on FLICKR dressing up this way. Well I guess there are 1001 reasons why men do what I do. I can only tell you some of why I do. All I can say is It is a very deep part of my inner being that has been a part of me since I was four years old. It is a very strong desire that I have suppressed all of my life until about 9 months ago when I took my first pics. Before that I would give in to this desire on average 3 or 4 times a year only to be followed by extreme guilt and frustration. Yes the web has opened my eyes to know that this is a rare thing but not nearly as rare as I thought.

I have been a fan of other FLICKR and YOU TUBE GURLS for two years now never thinking I would have the nerve to put any pics on the site. Wow what a rush when I loaded that first pic last April such a feeling of vindication and of course fear. I would like to thank those who came before me and took the time to write a good profile they have strengthened me and helped me very much. I must say I love all of god’s creations and a big fan of all the beauty of the natural world. The mountains, oceans, trees, and creatures of the land and sea. But nothing compares to the beauty of a beautiful woman the most beautiful all creations .I know I don't come close although I love to try to imitate them and it makes me happy to try and satisfies that part of my inter being that is female and makes me more complete. Like I said I know I am not close I lack grace and style and at 6 ft. 4 inches tall I am taller than 99.9 percent of the women on this planet just to mention a few of my short falls believe me that just scratches the surface. I love every minute I get to be Heather I only wish I could dress every day .

Click on Heather’s portrait below to go to her Flickr page.  You can see her Facebook page by clicking here. Also, you xan see Heather’s YouTube page by clicking here.

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