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 Helen Turner  



I'm Helen, just your average girl next door who might not be all she seems.

I have been dressing fully for some twenty years now . It all started aged ten when I was for weekend with my big brother looking after me. that's a joke my brother was far to busy doing his own thing. Well by Sunday morning I was bored so so took a look at my mothers wardrobe. I had always liked female clothes and often wondered what it would be like to wear them. My mum was more a tom boy so all she had was a white cotton summer dress and some strappy heels. so I tried them on brushed my shoulder length hair put some lipstick on and for some unknown reason I left the house and went for a walk. 

That was the start although I didn't dress again until I got a part time job. then I could buy whatever I liked.

In hindsight it has become clear that I was transgender at an early age even before that first dressing experience. 

My style is very free I flit between hippy boohoo to classy career woman. I love period fashion starting from the 17th century to the late 19th hence my addiction to wedding dresses. Oh what a dream a wedding dress is to wear.
I suppose its the romance of these periods that I find attractive. A time when women were women, they could be totally feminine yet strong. That's the kind of woman I like to be, soft gentle, kind, caring slightly submissive in a positive way, I like the finer things in life not the expensive things . the smell of sweet perfume, the touch of silk/satin against my skin, the hint of lace showing beneath a low cut blouse. and the flow of a long skirt in the summer breeze.

I am most at peace walking bare foot along a tranquil beach or in a meadow reading poetry or possibly painting. Yeah I am just an old romantic girl who lives next door, born in the wrong body but the right time to be able to experience the joys of my dreams .

Helen Turner 

Click on Helen’s portrait below to go to her Flickr page.