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 Helen Went  


I am a life long cross-dresser. I started early (8 years old or so) when I found the urge to put on one of my sister's satin party dresses when alone in the house. Even then, at that young age, I recognized that cross-dressing would be condemned as being perverted. What made me do it ; who knows but I guess there must have been an unconscious desire to experience being a girl? I moved on from that to trying on some of my mother's party dresses, in particular a black full skirted satin calf length number with black satin bolero jacket. What amazing pleasure it gave me for the brief time I could experience wearing it in secret. College then renting a room in a flat once I started working put paid to any thoughts of dressing up for a long period. Then I came across literature showing that others had the same sorts of desires as me. I then started to collect some nice lingerie and dresses then, like most of us, ended up disposing of them, only to go through the same collecting/disposing cycle again.

More recently, I guess the last few years, I have had to come to terms with what I am and now can relax into the dressing, albeit with a certain degree of guilt, and most certainly in secret. With that in mind I have taken the rare opportunity to try out several dressing services.
I have to say the shop based sessions were not a succes, albeit it was the first I tried. Since then I have tried the special service that is afforded by The Birdcage (although I am not sure if the venue is still available), Dress Me Up and Girls Just Wana Have Fun. The venues are very discreet, and the hostesses are so welcoming and non-judgemental that they dismiss any fears, embarrassment or guilt over what "hobby" one adheres to. These venues have been a sheer delight for me where I have been made up wonderfully, the hostesses skills in turning a bloke into what I hope looks like a glamorous /refined lady, evident from the photos. I have had the chance to experience my feminine side and the experience has been fantastic. I cannot thank the hostesses enough and can thoroughly recommend fellow TVs/CDs using the services to find their own feminine persona.

Click on Helen’s portrait below to go to her Flickr page.