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 Isis Win  

BIO (from Isis’s Flickr profile page):

My Story
PreOp - TS in a lifetime journey.
***** The times of wondering the why-s and what-s had been long over. Today, I take pride of who I am and my modest achievements. Therefore I aim to keep the same model on my pages. That makes a volunteer advocate to contribute for a change about the stereotyped image the mainstream have about gender bending people. It is of utmost importance to produce that change, so other changes can follow, as receiving federally supported civil rights and protection to our minority.

***** My presence in the internet has nothing to do with popularity, vanity, sex quest, etc. Therefore, ONLY those that present a similar image in their pages can be included in mine. The rest will be ignored and/or blocked. A necessary measure to gain the described goals.

***** I am not a vigilante of your lifestyle. Whatever you do is your business, but you make it mine if you aim to associate with me in any fashion. Therefore, read my list of characters that will be ignored and/or blocked. Save your time and avoid rejection if you can't comply with my position. In a few words, anyone who's not a good representation of our realm. Otherwise, all classy, down to earth and believable transgendered people are welcomed. My pages are exclusively for MTF, FTM and genetic women. Men, please try somewhere else.
I care for getting to know & meeting others on the same page, whether via correspondence or personally. However, I don't entertain any silly, trivial or fetish exchanges. Beginners & Rookies take your time to explore and define who you are before contacting me in any fashion.
For a few years I've been a dedicated supporter to TGs in our communities. But that changed in the last couple of years. There are a myriad of other people to do so and my efforts now are exclusively dedicated to produce a needed change in the mainstream world, their perception of our realm and the laws that provide us a place in society. The same place that everyone else enjoys by default and take for granted.
***** My history is very similar to most. I've changed my life-style from: what I wanted to be - to what truly is. What is taking place today in real time, took tons of dedication and investment to finally accept, deal with and embrace my true entire self. The results are much better than expected, but there were loses... and there was pain.
However, the earned gains provide me a full sense of self, full congruency and an amazing way to endeavor and enjoy life. If I loved what I did before and what I was before, I love everything many folds more today! And that is reflected all around myself. It is worth the gigantic effort, but it requires tons of slow and small steps, lots of knowledge about the possible paths to take and tons of support where it can be found. There is no recipe or formula for all, but to endeavor decisively and honestly what we have to deal with. Arriving to that place is a state of mind and it doesn't depend of our past history, our physical attributes or resources. It requires courage, dedication, investment, determination, lots of patience and an dedicated attention to all and everything that matters in our life. Even if we lose something through the journey. Bottom line, what is to be found, is our entire self and to achieve full congruence with who we truly are and life offers. Therefore, you must know your own answer to that question - before moving forward.

***** I am a simple person, dedicated to others, into knowledge, consciousness and tons of passion. What you see or read is not even close to my past history, emotionally, mentally or physically. I've gained a true core transformation through my dedication like many other sisters out there. No surgical procedures, or tricks had been needed. That started to happen even much before I decided to take the big plunge of living congruently to my inner self. I am convinced, everyone can achieve such, but must end all the silly trips (know what I'm talkingg about?) before getting there. I promise you, fun in life doesn’t end if you do what you need to do. In fact, what you'll encounter, will surpass all your expectations. But being realistic is vital.

***** I'm a very eclectic person with so many interests, hobbies and activities. It is very likely that you fall into many of those preferences, but we must be 100% honest to yourself and others to entice interest about yourself to gain mine.

***** I am not in a quest to find a partner in life, but I am open and eager to explore it with a transgendered MTF (any label) sister or a genetic woman. You can call me pansexual, if I should wear a label, but men had not capture my interest because their lifestyle doesn't cut it for me. I have nothing against you guys, but it is not my fault that you prefer stuff I have no interest in.
***** I welcome all friends that are able, willing and interested in dealing with their own truths for the sake of arriving to happiness, fulfillment and a healthy way of being. Whether you’re an occasional dresser, a frequent one, FT or part time, PreOp or PostOp, etc. Caring, loving and showing compassion towards others and the entire world is perhaps one of the best benefits we TGs can achieve in life. We no longer need to become anxious, guilty, shameful, etc. because we are who we are. Happiness is available to anyone and it just takes to work at it.

***** Feel free to contact me if you want to know more or have any questions.

***** Thanks for reading this far and your interest.

Click on Isis’s portrait below to go to her Flickr page. You can go to her MySpace page by clicking here.