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 Jamie Femgirl  


Hi Ladies! My name is Jaime, and I am married, although I absolutely love to dress up and be feminine as often as possible. I have been dressing semi-regularly since middle school when a group of girls stayed in our house for a week and one of them left behind a pair of pantyhose on my bedroom floor. That started my feminine journey for real. Going back before that, when I was 3, I had longer, “pretty” hair, and one day I asked my mom if I was a girl. That got me a hair cut quickly. However, I was always jealous of the pretty dresses, tights and Mary Jane shoes the girls at church wore. When I was 4, I remember asking my mom to dress me up like a girl, and she put one of her head scarves on me with a necklace, and I think some lipstick. Dad came home and that put an end to that. I was athletic, but very emotional as a child, and my dad, who was an assistant minister, would threaten to send me to school in dresses if I wasn’t more of a “man”. I really wanted him to do that, but it never happened. Twice my mom found L’eggs pantyhose I had managed to buy in high school and had uncomfortable conversations with my dad afterward.

When I got to college, I started investing in more of a wardrobe, and went out on Halloween with my best friend dressed up. I later revealed to him that I was dressing regularly when my college roommates would be gone on the weekends. He was somewhat surprised, and we talked a while about it that night. However, we never discussed it after that.

After a few years I was married and revealed to my wife that I liked to wear panties and hosiery after a ski trip where I wore thick tights. I had told her I hated the itchy long johns, which was true. After a little while, she let me buy bras, panties, hosiery and outfits, even making suggestions or occasionally buying me something. I was getting the free makeup samples she would get, and finally got a wig and better quality makeup. I had a skin routine to make my skin nicer. On Friday nights I would give her a massage fully dressed, and she would call me “Jaime”. It was all going so well until we moved to California. Maybe fearful of me being bisexual (which I probably am) in this area of the country or maybe of the kids getting older and discovering, I was no longer able to be dressed in front of her. So, to this day, my clothes remain in the garage in hiding, and we never discuss Jaime.

Today, while Jaime is not seen around the house anymore, I love the opportunities such as “work from home” Friday or when the rest of the family leaves for my in-laws to get dressed up. Jaime is a very important part of who I am, and has been now for over 20 years. I’ve been blessed with not being too tall, having softer skin, smaller hands and keeping my weight mostly in check. I have a slightly feminine natural walk, which I think chased away a girlfriend once, who asked me why I walked the way I did. Good news is I’ve never had trouble walking in heels!

I have enjoyed getting to know some of you through the Internet. I hope to meet many of you in-person sometime in the future. I’ve received such great feedback on my pictures, it has really made me more confident that I can be a beautiful woman when I put in the effort. Thank you, all, for your positive support! Your pictures give me such inspiration! I wish I had more opportunities to take pictures, so, instead, I slowly put them out there after I’ve had a chance to take some. Photo days are my favorite days of the year!

Thanks to Rachel for her support and asking me to be a Cover Girl! I learned of Rachel’s Place about a year ago, and I’m unbelievably excited to be on it!

Click on Jaime’s portrait below to go to her Flickr page.