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Oh gosh!  Where to start?  I guess my first remembrances where trying on my sister's bathing suit.  I was in my early teens and a tall, skinny boy.  I used socks for boobs.   lol

Then it was a long time later when I was just getting out of high school.  I took photography as a class and had use of some nice cameras and a dark room.  I convinced some of the girls in class to have their portraits taken.  We had a lot of fun and some of them were very good with make up.  One day, they wanted to take a picture of me.  IN MAKE UP!  Well, we did it and I posed for them with a white sheet as a gown.  I was amazed at how good the pictures were.  I have one of those pictures on my flickr site.  This is what I think really started my interest in dressing feminine.  That was 44 years ago!

All the time in my first marriage, I didn't dress or even think about it.  It was 18 years of wasted time that I could have been enjoying as Jamie.  Well, that marriage ended and I was single again.  For the next 6 years, I had my own place and could dress when I wanted.  I took advantage of it and practiced my make up and dressing like a lady.  They were wonderful years, but lacking the technology of the internet, I was alone and thought this must really wrong.  Nobody does this.

Then I entered my
second marriage.  I told my wife I had crossed dressed in the past and showed her the picture from the time I mentioned above.  She thought I looked great, but she realized that it was many years ago and I am now much older.  So she knew about me before we were even married.  It wasn't until many years later that we were watching a movie on TV.  You probably know it.  Tootsie!  Anyway, she, out of the blue said that she would like to see me dressed like Tootsie.  Well, it didn't take a slap on the face to get me to wake up and get dressed.  I bought some shoes, wig, heels and a dress online.  Thank God for the internet.  We set up an evening for my debut!  I did the make up myself and it was a total disaster.  The dress fit well and the heels were a little high for someone that hadn't worn heels in years, but I entered the living room where she was sitting and she looked at me, eyes wide open, jaw open, staring at me.  Finally she said something.  With a big smile on her face, she said I looked fabulous.  She took a picture of me with her little point and shoot digital camera.  You can see that very picture on my flickr site.  I really believe that she thought I would look like a clown and she would have a good laugh!

Ever since then, I have the fortune to have a very supportive wife that loves to see me dressed.  She buys me clothes and helps me pose.  We set up a "studio" in the living room and she takes the pictures and coaches me.  It has been a dream come true.  There's nothing like coming home from work and having your wife say to you to go get dressed and relax.

But even with all of that, I hadn't been out of the closet, well living room, until I met this wonderful lady on flickr.  Her name is Maryanne and she has quickly become a very good friend and sister.  She got me out in public for the first time just a little while ago.  What a rush it was.  First being with a lovely girl like her and second to be out in public.  Like she says, "There's no holding you back now".  I thank you, Mare!


Click on Jamie’s portrait below to go to her Flickr page.