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 Jasmine Nova  

Click on Jasmine’s portrait below to go to her Facebook page.


Hi. My name is Jasmine. I am completely honored that I was asked to be a Cover Girl. All you girls are so beautiful and inspiring. I am definitely standing on the shoulders of giants here. I've been a girl at heart ever since I can remember. My nursery school era comes to mind. That was the mid 70's. I am now 47. That gives you an idea how long I've been cross-dressing. It started with a fascination with pantyhose for me, and quickly progressed to everything else. I've cross-dressed in secret most of my life until I met my wife in 2003. I told her about Jasmine about six months into our relationship. It was the last "deep-dark" secret I shared about myself. I told her while we were still in our dating phase, because I knew it would be a deal-breaker for most. She was "OK" with it, and knew it was a large part of what made me, "me". She helped me overcome being ashamed about myself, and urged me to venture out to my area's local trans-gendered friendly clubs. Since then, I've met many new friends and went to Comic-cons, restaurants, casinos and even went clothes shopping as Jasmine a couple times! Lately, I have grown my hair out and wear it in pigtails often. I got each ear pierced three times and wear hoops. I even paint my fingernails. It's a part of my unique style in guy mode. People are generally OK with it. I've had no trouble. It's definitely been a fun adventure thus far. I wouldn't change a thing about myself if I could.
When I'm not sporting my favorite dress either hanging out at home or hitting the town, you can usually find me enjoying one of my many hobbies. For instance, I collect and restore classic arcade games. I have my own basement arcade! I enjoy oil painting abstracts. I have done 40 paintings thus far. I enjoy all things guitar related. I enjoy building, working-on and of course playing them. I enjoy building model cars and rockets. Even
R/C cars. I love classic cars. Currently I am restoring a 1970 Dodge Challenger. No matter what it is I do, the girl within is always present. I wouldn't have it any other way.