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 Jean Post  


 My progress is probably much like any other TV; I felt I was in the wrong skin quite early on but in those days, transgendering was both medically and socially a no-no.

Started crossdressing in my teens but military service, university, marriage, a young family and a growing business got in the way and the desire only returned when I was in my early 40s.

Started by dressing in private, then came embarrassingly amateurish attempts at hairstyles and make-up until I was rescued by a wonderful woman running a dressing service who took me in hand and taught me what clothes, hairstyles and make-up suited me, and how to walk and sit, etc...

Encouraged by her, I eventually summoned up the courage to appear in public some 13 years ago, firstly escorted by her to a restaurant for lunch, then shopping and then to a Southern Girls weekend in Bournemouth where I made a disastrous entrance, falling down the stairs into the basement bar.

I was still painfully shy but my self confidence received a huge boost when I won the Northern Concorde "Miss Rose" competition in 2002 wearing my favourite black satin strapless fishtail dress. Since then my confidence has grown and I now have no fear of going out in public and indeed enjoying it, culminating for me in the wonderful experience of attending operas at the Royal Opera House, Covent Garden with two friends, dining at the Café de Paris and living it up at the Black Cat nightclub in London. I like classical music and jazz, walking, good food, good wine and good company!I

Click on Jean’s portrait below to go to her Flickr page.