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 Jenni Stevens  

Click on Jenni’s portrait below to go to her Flickr page!


The person you see in my images is the self-expression of the feminine spirit living inside of me. I am celebrating all that embodies femininity through transforming my self-image to more closely resemble all that is physically female; the delicate curves, feminine sensuality, and essence of being a woman. This is a part of who and what I am.


I’m sure you’re wondering if what you see in my photos is all me. Since I was born a male and inherited the associated bone structure, I must make very minor photo adjustments to my images to create the grand illusion of femininity. Bone structure is the first primary hurdle to achieve the feminine look and if I didn't do this, I might look like... well you know... the proverbial "guy in a dress". (You’d be amazed what a little tuck in the waist and a pull in the hips can do!) It’s not all photo editing that matters… feminine poise is important, along with the all-important smile. A big beautiful smile will always help to brighten someone’s day. My goal is to do justice to respectfully revealing the feminine spirit I possess, and am grateful that I have been blessed with the talent to achieve digitally, that of which I cannot completely achieve physically. This is not an act of deception... but rather a passion of expression.


As you can tell, I prefer to express myself in a respectful feminine way and prefer the natural, girl next-door look. I’m not into foo-foo, or the trashy look so you won’t find any of that here, however, that doesn’t mean I can’t be naughty. There are at least a couple of those ;-)


In conclusion, I feel that I should have been born a woman, but the fact is I haven't. I realize that my feminine side is a part of what and who I am and needs to be expressed. Without this outlet, I fear I may fall down the rabbit hole and implode. But seriously, the true essence of my being is mostly female with a little male sprinkled in, and I believe this makes me a unique and spiritually whole being, and through my images I have found a way to exalt my spirit through the Art of Feminine Expression.