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 Jenny London  


 I first cross dressed at the age of 14, discretely "borrowing" clothes and lingerie from my mum and older sister. I was terrified at first : terrified of being caught, but also terrified that I was becoming someone I didn't know or understand. But as soon as I tried it, I knew that I'd discovered a thrill like no other.

As I became more experienced I started to really like the way I looked - which came as quite a revelation for a skinny, shy boy who had always lacked self confidence. I was lucky enough to meet a girl who encouraged my cross-dressing, and also introduced me to the world of bondage and fetish. Then shortly after that, I became involved with a man - quite a lot older than myself - who for the first time, showed me what it really felt like to be treated as a woman. And around the same time, I started to discover London's TV clubbing scene, which I really loved (despite the cheesy music)! I started to take makeup lessons, and regularly practised walking and moving in a more feminine way. My wardrobe started to expand dramatically and it really started to become an obsession. My life could have very easily taken a drastic turn at this point.

But as I get older, other things have become more important and I find myself dressing up less and less. It's now very much an occasional treat, a kinky hobby that is once again firmly back in the closet...

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Lingerie-Jenny London

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