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 Jenny Maid  

Click on Jenny’s portrait below to go to her Facebook page! Click here to go to Jenny’s YouTube page.  


Hello there I am Jenny Maid. I am married to a supportive woman who understands that Jenny is a part of who I am and losing that part would change the person that she fell in love with and change me for the lesser.

My story started out at a young age. My mother would have me try on dresses she bought at garage sales to see if they would fit my cousin. Later years she purged my clothes for me and told me how wrong it was to dress like a woman and that she could never understand why I would do something like that.

I had my first makeover in college and loved it. I was asked to model for the website but was still working out the feelings of guilt and shame that I felt with my dressing.

I told my wife about my dressing early into our dating. I knew that this was a part of me I couldn’t change or hide no matter how much I wanted to be a “normal” man. She has grown and evolved with me over the last 13 years and we have built a life and a family with four beautiful children.

About 7 years ago a creeping desire for more involved dressing with the fetish side creeped in and I fell in love with my first maid uniform and the demeanor that came from wearing it and taking the role. I started going out as the sissy maid and ended up getting quite the following on my youtube videos and have received many emails telling me how my videos have changed people’s life and given them the courage to go out and to realize there are other people out there with the same desires. It has been a positive experience. I was honored in 2016 by becoming the Exoticon Sissy Maid of the Year. I was the runner up the previous year. It was a great feeling to know that my training and practice had finally paid off!

I love meeting new people and look forward to hearing from everyone