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 Jessica Love  


I am a mid-50s CD/TV/Tgirl who just adores to dress. I have been dressing since I was 12, although I remember that when I was as young as 3 or 4, I was absolutely fascinated with my mother's make-up table that contained all her perfumes, make-up, and for some reason, her stockings. It felt so natural to play with all of her lipsticks and powders and other things. I then lost the urge until one day when I was 12 and home alone I discovered my older sister's lingerie drawer. Since then, nothing has been the same (thank heaven)!

Went through a series of purges during my twenties and early thirties, but then as I got close to 40, I realized just how comfortable I felt when I was dressed. At about this time, I moved to California where there were just more opportunities for a girl to be herself. I started having professional makeovers done in LA, and then after getting all "dolled up", I would go out to some of the bars at night there. It was an incredible experience to be all dressed up and walk into a bar and be noticed for ones femininity. Since I traveled quite a bit, I soon started getting makeovers in a number of other cities, such as San Francisco, Denver, Chicago, Boston, and Las Vegas, and then going out to enjoy the night life in those places. It was all very exciting from several points of view, but perhaps the best part was that it felt so natural to be dressed and made up as a woman. I never feel more comfortable then when I am dressed.

My favorite types of styles include the "sexy secretary" look with a white blouse and a pencil skirt; the "soccer mom" look with a nice silk blouse and slacks (somewhat tight); the "party girl" look with very high heels and a very short skirt; the "sophisticated business woman" look with a tailored suit; and the formal look set off by an evening gown (either short or long). I also love the 50s retro look---open bottom girdles with nylons is a particular favorite.

Click on Jessica’s portrait below to go to her Flickr page.